Monday, November 28, 2011

Inviting Google Crawler

 How to make the Google crawler come to your site? It is a well known fact that it is this Google crawler that comes to your site to take a look at your new posts that have been updated on your site. Once the Google crawlers know about the new URL, it sends it to the Google database where the Google algorithms decide how to rank your site in its search database. Let me tell you the working of the Google crawler in brief and then I will let you know how you can quickly attract the Google crawlers or Google bots (also called as spiders) to come to your site or blog and get your paged indexed quickly.

One of the best ways of inviting this crawler on your site is to write a lot of content. Submit ten posts suddenly and you will find this crawler rushing to your site and also bringing some traffic along with it to give you s new start. One of my brand new sites had banged a sudden traffic of 190 visitors on a single day when I uploaded fifteen articles at once in my blog. It was a very new blogger blog which was very young and yet the traffic thrilled me and I came to know a bit about the behavior of the Google crawlers.

Crawlers are not just hungry for new posts but they are also very hungry for in-coming links. The page the link points to is sure to get pretty good traffic shoots for a small time. A crawler coming on your site means traffic coming to your site from the search engines. Hence it is very important that you should get these crawlers to your site as quickly as possible.

Pinging is the best way to get the Google bots come searching for your site. There is also one more thing that you can do to achieve it. Just add a link to your post on a site with a very high PR and the crawler will not only crawl your site but will also index it quickly into its search index and will bring some good high quality traffic to your site as quickly as possible. So far many bloggers have had very good reviews when it comes to getting traffic through pings.

Crawlers get used to coming often to your site if you make them come to your site pretty often. Building links and writing new high quality posts are so far the best means for getting the crawlers to your site. Link building is very essential for some initial quick success. Later on it is just the quality and the content of your blog and the behaviour of your visitors which matters a lot to Google for deciding where to place your page in its organic search results. Crawlers visit good content site and constantly keep bringing traffic to them. It is the duty of the search engines to expose you to your audience. What you audience get is what you have on your site to give to them: high quality content to keep them satisfied.