Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Link Building Is Not Working: Google Penguin

"Link building is not working" is something which all the webmasters are discussing throughout the web. Link building was a very popular SEO strategy used by all webmasters to get to the first page of Google. Though disappointing to a few webmasters, many webmasters are now unable to understand what they can possibly do to get to the first page of Google without using link-building because link building is no longer working for increasing your SERP ranking.

There was a time where we just needed to write a post do some on-page optimization build a few links across the social networking sites with proper anchor text and we would see Google pushing our post higher and higher in its search results and we would easily get high traffic. But now link building is no longer working. Earlier, whatever links building webmasters did using suitable anchor-text is no longer working because Google's Penguin update has stopped seeing the anchor text used in the links.

You cannot do link building using social bookmarking sites for more than four sites else Google may identify your links as unnatural and rank you very low. You need to keep your link building very natural is what Google says but in reality link building has completely stopped working: link building is working no more because those little bit of links that you build are nofollow links which Google will never take into consideration.

Google does not want link building to work anymore. The recent algorithm updates are taking link building patterns very seriously and are identifying every site as spam if they are gaining anchor-text links built very aggressively. So if you are using link building using social networking sites for ranking high on Google you should stop doing it because now link building will not work and instead it will do harm to your site and remove your site from the Google index.

This time the slogan of Google says "stop link building", "do site building" and leave the rest to us. Google does not like it if you play with its search results by trying to tell it what keyword you want to rank for by building too many links with anchor text of your choice. Google will now be choosing its pages by neglecting all the off-page link-building strategies that webmasters will practice. Google does not want webmasters to manipulate its search results and hence it has stopped link building from pushing your site up through its organic search results.

The worst part about the Penguin update is that the filters are very sensitive and can detect the places which give the webmasters an easy opportunity to manipulate Google SERP's using strategies like link building, keyword stuffing,etc. Link building is no longer working but the bad guys even today know how to exploit the SERP's and are still ranking high for terms they desire. This is not due to link building: link building will only increase your Google PR, not your ranking in search results.

There are many factors which Google will give more importance to while weighing the importance of your page of which link-building was just one factor which is no longer working. There are nearly 200+ factors that Google will consider before ranking your page of which link building will be completely neglected. Your site may be considered to be involved in link fraud and will be thrown out of Google index. Hence, link building isn't working and you should stop doing link-building because you will be just wasting your time doing something which no longer helps your site get high traffic.