Saturday, November 9, 2013

Keyword Finding | Find Good Keywords Without Using A Keywords Tool

Keywords are the key to getting high traffic. There is a very good way of finding the keywords that can give you some good traffic. Google identifies the most popularly used keywords and suggests them in the keyword suggestions that appear in the drop-down box. Irrespective of whether these are searched for the most, you can write a post on the topic and target some long tail keyword very easily.

This keyword analysis also give you the number of competitors you will get for the primary keyword. Now extend your primary keyword and try to figure some long-tail keywords and see the number of competitors. Write posts on topic which is not targeted by many visitors.

The best part about this strategy is that irrespective of statistics these keywords are always searched for using Google. Find an appropriate keyword and do some on-page seo and rank high for that keyword: this is way too easier than you think. You can rank high for many long-tail keywords which can promise you at least ten visitors per new post you write.

Keywords tool are not free and keyword analysis is absolutely necessary to get some real traffic to your site. This is basic common-sense trick and can be easily followed for finding keywords with very little competition. Target the right keyword and maintain a good keyword density and you can increase your site traffic within a month or two.