Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google Penguin Fails In Curbing Link Fraud

Google Penguin has been unable in detecting link fraud. You will find so many complaints online speaking about the unsuccessful attempts of Google trying to identify and punish link fraud. There are spammers who have filled the web with spam-my links and have thrown their links all around the web.

Using comments section for building links: are you still doing that? Seriously Google will punish you for your acts with its Penguin update. Believe it or not but if you go on submitting your post link to many sites by using their comments section Google will kill your blog. The better part is once you stop doing it Google eases its filters and gives you some fresh air to breathe.

Another interesting thing I have been noticing is Google hates Social bookmarking. It just wants that you update your changes on Google+ and forget the other networking sites. Google is bothered only about Google+ updates because it gives Google a very good chance of identifying whom to rate higher. The greater the number of likes you get on Google+ Google finds your article to be more and more interesting. If you are submitting your articles to all bookmarking and networking sites it is time to stop it if you want Google traffic.

Though Penguin has been successful in finding a few link frauds there are many instances where you find that Google has got complaints from webmasters showing it a few sites with no content ranking on the front page of Google within 2 days just because they built huge number of illegal links in a short time. Those links were later manually removed. Doesn't that tell us that Google still has a lot to do to curb link frauds?