Saturday, November 9, 2013

Matt Cutts: Link Building Not Necessary

Matt Cutts says that link building will be dead but there are many reasons which make it really clear that link building can never die. Matt Cutts argued that he has many links pointing to his blog: every person is not Matt Cutts. Matt Cutts is an Engineer working for Google and everyone knows that. It is obvious that whatever Matt Cutts will publish on his blog will be shared by everyone in the Blog-o-sphere.

Link building can never be dead. Page-rank has never been dead. PR is one of the 200 or more basis on which Google ranks a webpage. There are many webmasters who use link building and rank higher for whichever keyword they want to rank for.

We all know that link building increases the PR of a site. Greater the number of back-links greater will be the ranking position of the site in the search engines. In fact, Matt Cutts also asks for back-links when he does Q&A sessions with other Bloggers. Does that not give us a hint that Matt Cutts is wrong when he says that link building is not necessary.