Saturday, November 9, 2013

Google Traffic Stolen!

Google traffic is still being stolen by expert search engine optimizers. Believe it or not as long as it is a machine and an algorithm it is very easy to manipulate it. As long as Google gives special attention to back-links and SEO, the bad guys will always bring bad name to Google by misusing the rules.

There are still many webmasters who know the trick of getting to the top page of Google in no time and Google is very reluctant in putting them first on its list. If more links are pointing to your site: Google will give it undue importance. The best part is link building using comments section is dangerous and may be considered spam any time soon.

Using link building for making a post stand up as an important post in the eyes of Google may put all your efforts in the dust-bin. Trying to punish the bad guys, Google has accidentally punished many good guys. Panda and Penguin have made life-long efforts of so many webmasters an utter waste. Only those who played extremely safe got a very good badge from Google but never the first rank.

Even today there are many keywords which are giving higher ranks to webpages with very little or no content. Because getting back-links is a very difficult job Google has decided that it will never put this ranking logic down. Links will always rule the Google algorithms. To make things worse the no-follow links were introduced and every webmaster is now stealing the content from other sites and giving that webmaster a no-follow link in return.

As long as Google loves links, the bad guys will always find different means of getting to the first page of Google. The good news is Google loves freshly updated content. i have personally tested and found that if you upload more than  posts in a single day (which is not possible if you are the only warrior updating content on your blog) Google will start ranking your posts higher and higher. My posts go up in Google search for a short time and make some quick traffic when I update more posts on the same day. No matter whatever measures Google takes to makes its search results more better, webmasters will always find different ways of stealing Google traffic.